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About RVA

Our Story

In March 2020, in response to the COVID 19 global pandemic, schools across the nation were forced to close school building doors and open the possibility to new ways of imagining what school could be.  As schools began to determine pathways to safely reopen its doors the following year, the Richmond Virtual Academy was launched in May 2021 to support the needs of families interested in remaining in a virtual learning setting..  The Richmond Virtual Academy is designed as a PreK-12 school program, where RPS teachers provide content and instruction for learners in Grades PreK-5 and our students in Grades 6-12 are enrolled in Virtual Virginia courses for instructional content and delivery,  The RPS staff at the Richmond Virtual Academy remain dedicated to ensure that every enrolled PreK-12 student receives high quality instruction and support to ensure success.

Our Design

The Richmond Virtual Academy is the home of the RVA Owls where online learning is a hoot!  Login to our PreK-5 Google Classrooms or ask about the Virtual Virginia courses in Canvas for students in Grades 6-12.  From PreK-12, you will find our RVA Owls online soaring high together through synchronous learning time as well as engaging in deeper learning during asynchronous project based and exploratory learning activities and tasks.

Our N.E.S.T.

At Richmond Virtual Academy, learning is the number one priority for our  N.E.S.T.  NEST is an acronym that stands for the following:  Nurturing Educational Support Team.   The NEST is composed of teachers and instructional support staff that ensure students have what they need to engage in deeper learning.  Our students are PreK-12 learners and they are at the center of our mission and vision for the Richmond Virtual Academy.  And, technology and the innovative use of digital resources are the vehicles for teaching and learning at Richmond Virtual Academy.  We believe that when our NEST is at its best, we promote a positive learning experience for all of the students, staff, and families we serve!

Want to Switch to In-Person?

If your family selected virtual learning for the 2021-22 school year, but you'd like to switch to in-person, no problem! Just complete the Switch Pathways Form (Formulario de Cambio de Decisión) so the RVA Team can make the switch. For more information about the 2021-22 school year, please email us at or call our Family Support Line at 804-780-6195.


For information on how RVA takes care of our Virtual Exceptional Education students, take a look at this presentation.

SEAC Discussion with RVA

Our Mission

Our mission at Richmond Virtual Academy is to provide a safe, enthusiastic, and creative online learning environment where student success is our highest priority. We believe that an online learning environment with a rigorous and engaging curriculum prepares students for success in an ever increasing technological and global society. 

Our Vision

The vision of the Richmond Virtual Academy is an online learning experience in a nurturing environment that is focused on cultivating the social, emotional, and academic well being of every preschool-12th grade student enrolled in the program.

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